Why to Learn Art of Technical Analysis ? 

As a trader or an investor, you would have experienced that when you buy a stock, the price goes down and the day when you sell the stock, the price starts moving up. Along with this, whenever you place a stop loss, it gets triggered and then the price goes in your desired direction.

The stocks that you hold for many months or years do not yield a good return and the moment they are sold, the stock delivers outperforming returns. This adds to the confusion.

To ensure that such opportunities are not lost you need to learn Technical Analysis. But learning only Technical Analysis does not help. You need to learn Art of Technical Analysis. We call this RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.


What is the importance of Art of Technical Analysis ??? 


The traditional theories which are being used for decades, now don’t work in this rapidly changing scenario because the market condition then are completely different to what they were and what they are today. Technical Analysis, is a vast subject and majority of its theories and parameters have been invented in the western countries markets in the era of 1940’s. If you apply those theories on Indian stock markets and that too today, then surely they are going to fail.

Our Chairman & MD, Mr. Kiran Sheth and his Team of Well Qualified Trainers and Analysts , with their vast experience has been teaching Art of Technical Analysis. Their Strategies and Concepts which suits the current stock market conditions which helps in achieving a “GOOD ROI” (Return on Investment). We have trained over 2000 investors and traders and they are using these Art of Technical Analysis successfully. 

Professional traders use intra-day techniques as one of the main tools in their arsenal and usually they go against the crowd. Many traders are unaware of these techniques and this course will clearly explain not only techniques but the logic behind these techniques with plenty of examples. This course also will provide a glimpse into how professional traders operate and understand their mindset towards trading. The trainer will also share many of his deep insights on trading that can come only with years of experience.

Who Can Attend Art of Technical Analysis Workshop???

1. Traders, Investors, Brokers, Sub Brokers, Dealers, Bolt Operators.
2. Financial Market Professionals looking for an alternate career.
3. Employed men and women who wish to be self employed.
4. Housewife looking to work from home.
5. Fresh graduates who want to make a career in Financial Markets.
6. Retired Professionals and Businessman looking for a new source of Income.


Art of Technical Analysis Programme 



  • Concept of Technical Analysis
  • Basic assumption of Technical Analysis
  • Types of charts and their natures
  • Trend and types of trend
  • Market cycle
  • Technical’s: Dow Theory
  • Technical’s: Eliot wave theory
  • Support and Resistance levels
  • Pivot tables
  • Price patterns: Double tops & Bottoms, Triple tops & bottoms, Rounding tops & bottoms, Cup and handle, Triangles (Ascending, descending, symmetrical), Flag and Pennant, Wedges, Channels, Gaps theory.
  • Fibonacci: Retracement, Arcs, Fans, Time zones
  • Technical Indicators and oscillators: Moving Averages, Averages crossers, MACD, RSI, ADX, Stochastic,
  • Bollinger bands, Parabolic SAR, Advance-decline ratio


Options’ trading was introduced in the year 2000. Yet most traders resist trading options due to the complex Options terminology.
Simplicity being one of the Core Values at, we offer a unique program on Options Strategies, where even without knowing the complex concepts of Greeks and Volatility, one can trade options like a Pro.
In Options Mastery, you will discover –

  1. The basic essentials and benefits of trading options
  2. Option trading along with unconventional usage of momentum indicators
  3. Trading options with volatility bands
  4. When to use spreads vis-a-vis naked options
  5. Unconventional Options’ writing strategies


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