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RBI To Issue New Pink-Green One Rupee Notes after a Gap of 22 Years

RBI to Soon to Put One Rupee Notes in Circulation Again.

After Discontinuation and a gap of around two decades, the RBI will again put available for use rupee one notes soon.

Printing of one rupee note was ended around 20 years back.

“These cash notes are legitimate delicate as given in the Coinage Act 2011. The current money notes in this group available for use will likewise keep on being a legitimate delicate,” the Reserve Bank of India said in press release.

At present, one rupee coins are stamped.

“The new cash note will be prevalently pink green on front and turn around in mix with different colors”, the RBI said.

“The RBI will soon put available for use cash notes in one rupee section. The notes will be printed by the Government of India,” the Reserve Bank said.

Dissimilar to other money notes which the bear mark of RBI Governor, the one rupee note will have mark of the Finance Secretary.

One rupee note or coin is issued by the Government of India.

In November 1994, printing of one rupee note was ceased primarily because of higher cost and for liberating ability to print cash notes of higher group.

Printing of two and five rupee notes too were ceased in 1995. From that point forward, just coins have been issued for these groups. More established notes are still available for use and stay lawful delicate.

Other paper money notes right now being printed are Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.

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