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L&T Offering Smart Technology Solutions like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Indian Cities and States to Combat Coronavirus

L&T Offering Smart Technology Solutions like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to Indian Cities and States to Combat Coronavirus

Larsen and Toubro, the biggest engineering and technology organization in the nation, has tied up with more than 20 city authorities to provide cutting edge smart solutions for help to battle against the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

L&T, which has been helping numerous city organizations to swarm the executives with keen arrangements, has begun preliminaries with fever identification thermal cameras in Mumbai. These cameras will delineate the internal heat level of individuals and will caution specialists about individuals having high fever. The warm cameras will be introduced soon at different key jammed focuses on different pieces of the city, other than broad extensive drone observation for crowd management.

Brilliant innovation arrangements from L&T are helping city organizations like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Prayagraj, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and others in following patients, containing the spread of the infection, checking isolated individuals, controlling swarming by the police workforce, salvage endeavors of the organization, spreading COVID-19 related messages to masses and in peace support, said SN Subrahmanyan, CEO and managing director, Larsen and Toubro. “These incorporate setting ready for the action of Command and Control Centers and City Operations Centers for some city organizations to enable the nation to escape from this pandemic”, he said.

For instance in Visakhapatnam, where L&T is executing a shrewd city venture and working a ‘City Grievance Cell’, has now been changed over into a 24X7 COVID Contact Center. The centre currently has 20 or more administrators and is occupied with following the subtleties of all people who as of late returned abroad. Each such individual is being connected each day for 14 days to screen whether they are demonstrating any indications for COVID-19. On the off chance that anybody shows the manifestations, the data is given to the central clinical official of the region consistently.

Further, L&T’s m-governance application produced for Vizag Smart City is utilized by metropolitan authorities for their everyday activities. The application has now been altered for wellbeing laborers to do house reviews at regular intervals and record wellbeing parameters of self-confined individuals and neighborhoods of COVID-19 positive cases. Additionally, around 40,000 individuals in more prominent Visakhapatnam utilize a ‘Resident application’ created by L&T and now has been outfitted with the COVID-19 SOS button for residents to inform any health-related crisis, other than choices to check for COVID-19 manifestations. The application can check whether the person has built up any manifestation, in light of an overview to survey mellow/moderate/basic order. Whenever discovered basic, a crisis SOP will be activated and for non-basic cases, administrators interface concerned zonal specialists through telemedicine for additional directing and prompt. The App’s geofencing innovation likewise empowers the Contact Center to screen any undesirable development of residents set apart for self-separation. The application likewise records the wellbeing parameters of separated individuals – required day by day updation for worldwide voyagers and deliberate updation for self-disengaged residents.

Further, 50 public address systems (PAS) introduced on savvy shafts by L&T in Visakhapatnam for handing-off legitimate messages on the lockdown, swarm limitations, and prudent steps, other than Ten variable message display (VMD) sheets for mindfulness and correspondence on COVID-19.

In Hyderabad, the city inhabitants are not permitted to travel past 3 kilometers from their homes in any event, for purchasing basic essentials necessities and L&T contrived a development to assist police with following the violators. Artificial Intelligence-based Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) framework screens vehicle areas persistently and once a vehicle crosses the 3-km limit, a computerized alarm is being conveyed to the police. Moreover, through the reconciliation of the Regional Transport Authority’s (RTA) database, vehicle proprietors are distinguished to give notice. In excess of 200 cameras are sent over the city with profound learning-based group development examination activating continuous cautions at the police war room. The Hyderabad police have so far got 1000+ cautions and authorities were fruitful in scattering the group through field officials. Moreover, open location frameworks, 40 Variable Message Display (VMD) blocks have been set for traffic the board at blood vessel areas and mindfulness across Hyderabad.

At Prayagraj savvy city in Uttar Pradesh, where L&T had executed broad shrewd answers for overseeing swarms for the Kumbhamela, the city tasks focus is checking swarm arrangement through 1000 or more CCTV cameras sent all through the city. The 1920 helpline number is presently used to deal with COVID-19 related calls, including ‘specialist available to come into work’, and 14 variable message show (VMD) sheets are being utilized for careful steps on COVID-19. L&T, with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), has been actualizing a progressed metering framework in Uttar Pradesh. It had built up a buyer portable application currently utilized by one million individuals and it is presently utilized to transfer official COVID-19 data.

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